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Our Philosophy

At Barrow Law we are committed to helping victims of serious personal injury and wrongful death achieve justice by obtaining money damages to compensate for their losses and help ensure tragedy doesn't happen again. 

We fight every day to preserve and defend the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution that gives every person a right to a jury trial in a civil matter.  

We vow that every client of Barrow Law is not just a claim on a conveyor belt, but a real person with a story that we must hear so that we can tell it and achieve justice.  We are committed to you, your case, and your future.  

Barrow Law continues to stay at the forefront of emerging technology and legal theory continuing education.  Wade Barrow also regularly speaks, teaches and writes on important personal injury and wrongful death legal topics because the best never stop working to get better.

These are the four words that we live by every day:



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