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Five Clever Steps To Take After A Crash

The moments after two vehicles collide is a whirlwind of shock, worry and even anger. When survival instincts begin to take over, it can be difficult to think clearly about what to do next.

Barrow Law PLLC has helped numerous clients in the Fort Worth area after an accident. We know how to best position clients for success when they come to us, but your case actually begins much earlier: immediately following the impact.

1: Keep An Accurate Record

In an accident, both the causes and the effects are important to document. Evidence of the cause may help you prove fault, while evidence of the effects could help you seek damages. Both types of evidence contribute to the strength of your case.

Therefore, photos and videos of the accident scene and any injuries you sustained are valuable. Make copies of your related medical bills and repair estimates. Write down a detailed account of the incident as well.

2: Call Police And Cooperate

Another part of keeping a record of the accident is a police crash report. Provide your insurance information and submit a statement to the police. Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is important to alert police – especially if you, another driver, a pedestrian or passengers may be injured.

3: Be Cautious When Talking With Insurance Agents

After insurance companies learn about a recent accident, they might offer you a settlement. While the amount might seem alluring in the moment, these offers are usually lower than what you deserve. It may be in your best interest to refuse their initial offer.

You may still be able to settle without going to court. With your personal injury attorney, you can negotiate toward a higher amount. If the insurance company does not agree to compensate you fairly, we have the skills necessary to advocate for your recovery in trial.

4: Get Medical Attention

You might not notice any difference in your health right away. However, muscular damage, brain trauma and other issues could become more serious and longer-lasting problems if you don’t catch and treat them quickly. Get emergency medical attention if necessary or schedule an appointment with your doctor soon after the crash. Seeing a medical professional also creates a record of any crash-related injuries, which can strengthen your case.

5: Hire An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Your accident and resulting damages might influence your daily life and finances. Calling an attorney is not an overreaction; in some cases, it could be critical to getting the money you need for medical care, lost wages and more.

Barrow Law PLLC will stand by your side throughout your personal injury case to protect your rights and pursue justice. Call us at 817-617-7797 or complete our contact form to discuss the accident with our experienced Texas lawyer today.