Managing distractions while driving

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Most motorists are aware of how risky distracted driving is. Unfortunately, that awareness is not enough to discourage them from engaging in this dangerous behavior. Driving requires a person’s full attention and the right driving skills to prevent unexpected trauma and tragedy on the roads.

There are driver actions and behaviors that may lower the risk of collision and in some cases reduce the severity of injuries they may sustain if they become involved in a crash with a distracted motorist.

Incorporate stops into commute

Collisions can occur within a few seconds of being inattentive. Drivers should avoid distractions when in the driver’s seat. People who know that an important call, email or text is on the way that may arrive while they are driving may want to put the phone in a purse, the glove box or somewhere else out of sight so they will not feel tempted to check it while they are behind the wheel. If the message they are waiting for is critical, they may want to plan a couple of stops on the way to check for the message and answer it at a safe location.

Anticipate passenger distractions

Talking to a passenger or having a conversation on a hands-free device creates a cognitive distraction that limits a driver’s field of vision and attention to driving. Addressing passenger matters before starting the drive and abstaining from phone calls during the trip can help to make a commute safer.

Be aware of the dangers

Distracted driving accidents often result in more than just higher insurance premiums and expensive vehicle repairs. They also cause injuries ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to more severe physical trauma, such as head and neck injuries, fractured bones and long-term soft tissue trauma. Distracted car accidents also cause many fatalities.

Accident victims may pursue compensation from those who are liable for their damages, but financial compensation is not always enough to restore the financial security, health and peace of mind of those affected by these situations.