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Personal Injury FAQs

Question: How much does it cost to hire a board certified personal injury attorney?

Answer:  At Barrow Law all personal injury cases are handled on contingency fee basis.  This means that you are not required to pay an upfront retainer, hourly rate, or cover the litigation expenses while the case is pending. Instead, if there is a successful recovery, either by settlement or judgment, the attorney receives a percentage of the recover depending on when the case resolves.  In addition the attorney recoups any expenses incurred in pursuing the matter.  In the case that there is no recovery the client does not owe the attorney anything.  The attorney does not get paid unless there is a successful recovery on the case.

Question: How much is my case worth?

Answer: This question is impossible to answer without investigating the matter and obtaining the evidence a prospective jury might hear.  Any person or attorney attempting to place a value on a case without conducting an investigation and reviewing the evidence is engaging in speculation.  At Barrow Law we are selective in the cases we accept and only accept those cases in which we believe retaining an attorney will benefit the prospective client.

Question: What kind of questions should I ask when looking for a lawyer for a personal injury or wrongful death case?

Answer: First, you need to make sure any questions you have for a prospective attorney are answered before you sign a contract.  Once you sign a contingent fee contract with an attorney you will likely assign an interest in the case to that attorney which can make it difficult to hire another attorney should you become dissatisfied.  The attorney-client relationship should be one of trust and confidence so be diligent in choosing an attorney for your personal injury or wrongful death case.

In addition to the questions that you already have you should consider asking the prospective attorney:

  • How much of your practice is devoted to personal injury?
  • Are you Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization?
  • How many personal injury cases have you personally tried to a jury? When was the last time you went to trial?
  • Have you been recognized by your peers for excellence in the practice of law?
  • Have you been asked to give lectures at legal conferences to teach other lawyers about aspects of personal injury law?
  • If your firm takes my case, will you be the attorney handling my case?

Question: I am really hoping my case settles out of court, so do I really need an attorney Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial?

Answer: There is an old saying that goes: “If you want a trial, prepare for settlement. If you want a settlement, prepare for trial.”  The insurance companies and corporations hire talented and skilled lawyers. If they sense your attorney is not capable of trying your case and winning, they will likely make low ball offers.  However, having your case prepared for trial lets the insurance company know that if they do not make a reasonable settlement offer you are more than ready to let a jury decide.  This puts your case in the best position to resolve without a trial.