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How to document the scene after a car crash - 2

A Texas car crash is often a frightening experience, and when emotions or adrenaline run high, you may not always think clearly. The steps you take in the immediate aftermath of a car crash are important, though, and they may prove especially so if you plan to try to hold another driver or entity accountable for the wreck. 

A key part of documenting the scene of the crash involves taking photos of the scene, the vehicles involved and any elements or conditions that may have contributed to the car crash. When doing so, consider taking the following steps. 

Photograph the scene from multiple viewpoints and distances

If conditions allow, start a good distance away from the crash and the vehicles involved in it and take photos of the road and cars involved from multiple angles and distances. 

Photograph road or weather conditions that may have contributed

Your photographs help tell the full story of your crash, and if wet roads, obstructions in the street, a driver’s failure to use headlights at night or something similar played a role in the incident, make sure to photograph them, too. 

Photograph the other driver’s personal information

You may also want to use your phone to snap an image of the other driver’s registration, identification or insurance information. Not everyone carries paper and a pen in their vehicles these days, but you do need to collect this information. 

Ultimately, you may find it useful to err on the side of caution and take too many, rather than potentially not enough, crash scene photos. After all, you do not always know which ones may prove most useful to you down the line. 

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