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Hold Distracted Drivers Accountable With An Experienced Attorney

For decades now, distracted driving has been a problem. With so many people playing with the radio, trying to eat, putting on their makeup, watching their kids and even daydreaming, accidents were bound to happen time and time again. But only recently has the frequency and severity of distracted driving increased with the additional distraction of cellphones and in-vehicle technology.

Our Texas attorneys at Barrow Law PLLC have seen how much damage a distracted driver can do to a victim and their family, which is why we fight diligently to get the best possible compensation for your suffering so that you are in the best possible position to recover from your wounds.

Recovering From Accidents Due To Texting And Driving

Although cellphones are not the only cause of distraction behind the wheel, they are a significant one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration once reported that the number of drivers that use their cell phone while driving increases during rush hour. With so many distracted drivers surrounding us in our regular commutes, pedestrians and other drivers on the road are at a high risk of suffering an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

Thankfully, if you were injured in an accident caused by distracted driving, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and possibly even for property damage. We make a strong effort to collect and investigate every relevant detail of your case so we can maximize our chances of getting a full financial recovery for you.

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