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Fighting The Bias Against You In Motorcycle Accidents

The wide-open spaces of Texas make it a favorite locale for motorcycle riders from around the world. When motorcyclists collide with automobiles, however, the consequences can be devastating. Public sentiment is often biased against motorcyclists and is quick to blame them when an accident occurs. However, research confirms that in collisions between a motorcycle and an automobile, it is more often the automobile driver’s fault. (Sun-Sentinel, March 9, 2013, “Car Drivers Cause Most Crashes with Motorcycles, Study Finds.”) 

At Barrow Law PLLC, we fight the bias against motorcyclists and fight for our clients. We are dedicated to our clients, and we understand that they may be overwhelmed, in pain, frustrated or worried about their case. Our Fort Worth firm focuses on making the legal process as simple and easy as possible for you while remaining dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome.

When an insurance company blames the motorcyclist for causing the collision, they are working against the motorcyclist in the interest of saving their company’s money. Do not let them take away your opportunity to get full and fair compensation for your injuries. Our talented lawyer is ready to stand up for you. We have extensive experience with motor vehicle accident cases, and we know how to proceed for your benefit.

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