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Stay safe on your motorcycle in Texas

Texas ranks among the top ten U.S. states with the most motorcycle registrations. With warm weather year-round, you can use your bike for leisure as well as to get to work and run errands. 

Unfortunately, the National Safety Council reports that motorcyclists have a much higher accident fatality rate than other motorists. Follow these safety tips when you set out on Texas highways this year. 

Wear your motorcycle helmet

While you do not have to wear a helmet in Texas if you are 20 or older, doing so dramatically reduces your risk of serious injury or death from a traumatic brain injury. For best results, choose a helmet that fits you correctly and has safety certification from the Department of Transportation. 

Brush up your skills

A safety course given by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation can help you become a safer motorcycle rider whether you just bought your first bike or have been riding for decades. In addition to improving the command of your motorcycle, you may also qualify for insurance incentives and discounts. 

Stay visible

Many accidents occur when drivers do not see motorcyclists in their blind spots. Keep a safe following distance to remain visible at all times. Use your signal whenever you turn or change lanes and confirm that drivers see you before you make a move. 

Use your headlights whenever you ride, even when the sun shines bright. You should also wear reflective clothing when you ride at night or on cloudy, rainy days. 

Remember that motorcycle riders must follow the same Texas laws as other drivers. If you suffer a serious auto accident injury caused by another vehicle, you may have legal recourse. 

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