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What to know about a third-party insurance claim

On Behalf of Barrow Law PLLC | Apr 30, 2020 | Firm News |

A third-party insurance claim is where you make a claim to someone else’s insurer for an accident. The person who caused the accident and his or her insurance company are the main parties with you being the third party in the situation. You have every right to make such a claim if the other person was at fault in the accident. However, you may want to consider alternative options. 

Forbes explains that making a third-party insurance claim may seem simple, but it can become complicated. The other person’s insurance is not likely to just pay you what you ask. You will typically have to go through an investigation. The insurance company looks for proof its insured driver was not at fault or that you had some fault in the accident as a way to reduce what it pays you or to avoid paying you at all. You may have better luck getting money faster or getting a better payout if you take an alternative route to make your claim. 

Going through your insurer 

You also have the option to go through your insurance company. If you make the claim on your own insurance for an accident where you were not at fault, your insurer will probably make a claim to the other party’s insurer. However, your insurer will generally pay out a settlement to you first and deal with the other insurance later. This can be the fastest way to get money. 

Going to court 

You can also sue the other person. His or her insurance company will usually become a part of the lawsuit. You will have to follow the court procedures by proving your case against the other person. This can work well if you have solid proof that the other person was at fault. This may be the best way to ensure you get the maximum payout from the accident. 

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